Future calling

Isn’t it funny? 20 years ago everyone thought the hardest thing about video calls was the technology (speed of connection), today it’s clear that there is something much more difficult to solve than tech problems: Greed.

If we had an international standard, you could so easily video call everyone in the world over IP, *every* camera-equipped phone, but no, reaching every phone in the world is reserved to a technology invented in 1876. Imagine going back to your younger self and explaining: “Yeah, actually video calling is not a technical problem anymore, but hardly anyone uses it. Why? Because greed keeps companies from working together.”

That’s not how I envisioned the future, and I’m so glad that I work for an organization whose mission is to make the Internet better, for everyone, with zero regards to monetary gain when it comes to the mission. Yes, “we define success in terms of building communities and enriching people’s lives instead of benefiting shareholders. We believe in the power and potential of the Internet and want to see it thrive for everyone, everywhere.”

So glad to be with Mozilla 🙂

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