Mozilla in Skopje

Last weekend we had a fantastic event in Skopje that brought together almost the whole Balkan in Macedonia. Together with David Tenser we were there to learn more about our community and present SUMO and our big rewrite. Later we had the chance to talk to the bigger audience about the role of support within Mozilla and what it means to support 400 million users. Mapping names to faces after chatting online for some time is always nice and there was plenty of chance for that as well.

I like to think that the Balkans event was as fun as it was productive. For us it’s important to reach as many people in their native language as possible, especially with support and that’s a goal we share with our localizers. We already had locale leaders for half of the languages spoken in the Balkan region, big thanks to Aleksandar, Edo, Milos and smo; and we added 3 more with Bulgarian, Greek and Mazedonian, another big thanks to Emil, Martin, Pierros, Contanton and Gorjan. This event was a first in that the locale communities set goals for themselves to track their progress. There we didn’t but here I pledge that I’ll try everything I can to help the locale communities to bring support to people in their native language. And hopefully we will have localized support for the top 20 articles in every language spoken in the Balkans by the end of the year 🙂

And a huge thanks to William and especially Gorjan (who is 17!), for making the Balkans meeting such an amazing event!

Patricia was so kind to translate this into Belorussian. How cool is that?! Check it out here:
Belorussian by PC

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