Are Americans different from Germans?

So, are Americans different from Germans? Or from dutch, or from Brazilians? Okay, they probably are to some point, but the question for the SUMO team is: do Americans have the same questions about Firefox as Germans or Spanish or any other language group? Currently we do assume that, but we didn’t actually back that up with data. The process of doing so is quite tedious, but we have 300 articles in our knowledge base and if it turns out that the top 20 articles in Spanish are different from the top 20 articles in English our localizers can make much better decisions about which article to localize or work on next. Ideally we would send out weekly rankings to our localizers and we will hopefully be able do so with Kitsune, the new KB project, in the meantime however we are working on making sense of the data we have and we will share that with localizers soon.

If you are a localizer and want to know about the popularity of an article, just ask in our contributor forums, I’ll try to come up with an answer quickly.

2 thoughts on “Are Americans different from Germans?”

  1. There might be some issues analyzing those data by language instead of ip geo-referentiation or some other way to really understand where the visitors are coming from. I know from experience that many people (including myself) from countries where english isn’t the native language tend to prefer english-written content when looking for answers to computer-related issues.

  2. Yes, that’s a valid concern, but in this case we really look at the actual articles and they are either in English or in a specific language. What we are interested in is: given n number of articles, is their ranking by popularity the same for English articles as for eg. French articles?

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